Todd Maxwell

Todd Maxwell

Retail Solutions Advisors, LLC

Commercial Real Estate


Todd Maxwell is the managing memeber and marketing director of Retail Solutions Advisors, a commercial real estate leasing and property management firm in Lakeland, Florida. Lawrence Todd Maxwell possesses more than 35 years of experience in the real estate industry. Todd Maxwell has held a number of executive positions with prominent organizations. Todd Maxwell’s expertise in commercial real estate led to the expansion of Retail Solutions Advisors in 2001. Under the leadership of Todd Maxwell, the company has since acquired more than 2 million square feet of retail, self-storage and office space.

Todd Maxwell is a native of Lakeland, Florida and received his degree in accounting and economics from Florida Southern College in 1971. Todd Maxwell is a husband and the father of twin children, a boy and a girl. Todd Maxwell's son is autistic, and this has inspired Todd Maxwell and his wife Cheri to support several organizations which strive to create awareness of autism including Autism Awareness, Autism Speaks, and the Autism Society of America.

Todd Maxwell and Retail Solutions Advisors are dedicated service providers for property owners and retailers. Todd Maxwell and the other team members at Retail Solutions Advisors offer a combined 100 years of experience in retail commercial real estate. Todd Maxwell and the dedicated team of professionals are committed to providing each client the highest quality service with the utmost integrity. Todd Maxwell and Retail Solutions Advisors provide a wide range of services including acquisitions, marketing, maintenance and leasing. Todd Maxwell and the team at Retail Solutions Advisors will ensure that buildings and grounds are visually appealing to attract and retain tenants and that security and safety systems are in place and operating correctly. Todd Maxwell and Retail Solutions Advisors provide property development and redevelopment services for clients who need assistance with project budgeting, contractor and architect selection, inspections and code compliance. In addition, Todd Maxwell and the staff at Retail Solutions Advisors offers asset management and financial services including collections, tax preparation, real estate tax appeals, negotiations and audits.

Retailers moving to a new area are bombarded with the complexities of site selection, negotiations and leasing. Todd Maxwell and Retail Solutions Advisors offers tenant representation services in Florida to assist with site selection and transaction coordination. Todd Maxwell and Retail Solutions Advisors will analyze the competition, perform market analyses and determine the demographics of potential customers at the prospective locale. Todd Maxwell and the expert team at Retail Solutions Advisors are available to manage negotiations, represent the client when he is unavailable and provide consultation each step of the way. It is the goal of Todd Maxwell and the other team members at Retail Solutions Advisors to ensure each detail of the transaction is managed in a way that optimizes the client’s return on investment.

The Florida commercial real estate market is strong, and growth is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. Tax and mortgage delinquencies have declined, while commercial real estate prices have increased. Rents have also increased and it is anticipated that the number of transactions will continue to rise through 2016. A flourishing hospitality industry and continued support from international investors has contributed to Florida’s strong commercial real estate market.